Yorkshire Rose Quliters Guild of Toronto

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Row by Row and a Summer Quilting Road Trip

Since I can't sew in my hammock, I don't get a lot of quilting done in the summer. But when we planned our summer road trip to New York state, I thought I'd add in some visits to quilt shops and try out the Row by Row shop hop.
The first shop I visited was Style Fabrics in Kingston NY. The shop was bright and cheery and the owners were friendly and helpful, and they have an adorable little dog. I got their row pattern and found some great fabric to go with a polar bear batik I got at the Yardage Sale. (I was going by memory and was thrilled when I got home and all the fabrics worked together!) There were 2 other ladies in the store, also tourists, and up from Florida. They were trying to get as many rows as possible on their holiday.
I only had time for one more shop, so off I went to Log Cabin Fabrics in Selkirk NY. The shop was in an old ranger's cabin and each room was stuffed with fabric! I discovered that the ladies from the first shop were here too! The shop had put up a map for visitors to mark their hometown. I was the only Canadian mark on the map. I got the pattern, and I bought the kit too. Hopefully I'll have it ready for Sew & Share in September!
So, I only have 2 rows - not enough to make a quilt and win a prize, but I loved the experience. I never would have gone to these 2 shops without the Row by Row challenge, and having met the other tourists and the owners of the shops, I feel closer to the larger quilting community.
Have you been to any new quilt shops this summer? How many rows have you collected?
I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to this summer!