Yorkshire Rose Quliters Guild of Toronto

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Name Tag Purse to hold your YRQG name tag and membership card so you always have them for meetings!

If you are looking for a great way to always know where your membership card is and to hold some change for tea and library raffle tickets, this fun little stash-buster comes courtesy of Suzanne Neilson for the personal use of members of the Yorkshire Rose Quilters Guild.

Fabric Requirements:

Muslin or any plain light fabric - 4 ½ inches x 10 inches.

You will build the Flaps that will fold up and down to form the purse on this piece.

A. On Muslin: 
  • Solid Color A - 1 piece 3 ½ inches x 2 ½ inches
  • Solid Color B - 2 pieces 3 ½ inches x ¾ inch
  • Solid Color C - 2 pieces 3 ½ inches x 1 inch
  • Solid Color D - 1 piece 4 ½ inches x ¾ inch 
  • Solid Color E - 1 piece 4 ½ inches x 3 ½ in.
    • (Color E may be the same as A, B, C, or any other complementary color)
  • Printed Color F - 1 piece 4 ½ inches x 3 ½ inches 
    • (Color F can be an abstract pattern or a picture)
B. Solid Color G (This may be any color used on the Muslim or any other complementary color) - 1 piece 4 ½ inches x 10 inches

C. Cord or Ribbon – 1 piece measuring a minimum of 24 inches (You may want to lengthen according to your preference)

Directions for Sewing on the Muslin:

  1. On the muslin draw a line across 3 inches from the top (Figure 1 - see below) 
  2. In the space created at the top, centre and pin the Color A to the muslin. 
  3. Sew the Color B pieces, one to the top of the Color A piece and one to the bottom. 
  4. Line the Color B pieces to the Color A piece with right sides together. Sew a ¼ inch seam through the fabric pieces and the muslin. Press seams towards the muslin. (Figure 2) 
  5. Sew the Color C pieces, one to each side of the pieced unit in the same way and press towards the muslin. 
  6. You have created a frame and space in which to pin your name tag. (Figure 3) 
  7. Sew the Color D piece along the bottom of the picture frame. Press seams towards the muslin. (Figure 4) 
  8. Pin the ribbon to the front so that the edges of the ribbon line up with the bottom of Color D. 
  9. Place the Color E piece so that the top is aligned with the raw edge of Color D and the ribbon ends with right sides facing and sew a ¼ inch seam. Press the piece away from the frame. (Figure 5) 
  10. Align the Color F to the raw edge of Color E with right sides facing and sew a ¼ inch seam. Sew the Color F piece upside down, so that when you turn it up later, it will be in the right direction. (Figure 6) 
  11. Pin the ribbon towards the centre so that it will be out of the way when you sew the Front and Back together. 
  12. Turn over and trim as needed using the muslin as a guide. 
  1. With right sides facing, Sew the Color G piece to the muslin piece leaving the bottom open.
  2. Make sure your cord/ribbon is out of the way. Turn inside out. Turn in the bottom and slip stitch. 
  3. Decorate the around the picture frame using fancy stitching, beads or whatever. 
  4. Then turn up the bottom to form a pocket and slip stitch the sides. 
  5. Now press down the top and you have a little purse for your name tag, membership card and place to store your tickets.


  1. I have no name tag and was never given one.

    1. Talk to Anne at the next meeting about getting your name tag. All members get one - it helps us be more social at our meetings!

  2. I have a holder that Suzanne made for me. They are perfect because I can tuck my membership card inside, draw tickets and some coins so that I can buy library tickets. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. How great Karen that you got a Suzanne original! They are great for keeping everything organized for the meetings.