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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Meet a Canadian Blogger: Krista Hennebury from Poppyprint

There are so many amazing things happening in the online world of quilting, so we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the people who are out there - online and IRL (in real life!) - who are making the quilting world go.
In this post, we will introduce you to Krista Hennebury of Poppyprint

Yorkshire Rose Quilters Guild (YRQG): Why did you start blogging?

Krista Hennebury (KH): I started blogging to expand my quilting community and connect with other like-minded modern-curious quilters around the world in 2006.  I realized that blogging was a growing obsession for many people like myself who were active on Flickr back then and I wanted in on the action!

YRQG: How do you connect with your readers?

KH: To be honest, there is a real lack of connection on blogs now. Most activity and interaction comes to me on Instagram, where a quick photo and comment can connect with thousands of folks in an instant. I used to have lively email conversations with my blog commenters, however now I can spend a couple of hours preparing a blogpost only to have one or two comments.  I know many bloggers are now utilizing direct subscriber newsletters but I’m happy with Instagram at the moment.

YRQG: Which of the projects featured on your blog are the most popular with readers? Why?

KH: I think quilts made from my own designs are the most popular (which of course is very happy-making for me!). I hope it is because my readers enjoy seeing fresh work that they haven’t seen elsewhere and have come to look forward to what I make next. I must say that my travel photography essays always result in lots of great feedback, too. I love that, because it allows me to share my second passion, which is photographing beautiful and interesting places in Canada and abroad.

YRQG: How are you celebrating Canada’s 150th on your blog?

KH: I was a participant designer in Sew Sister’s very successful Canada 150 Block of the Month program and have made about half of the blocks. I’ve always wanted a red and white quilt, so this year seemed the perfect time to realize that dream! Sadly, a very busy travel & teaching schedule and pattern launches have kept me from completing the quilt, but I have high hopes for winter sewing. I love the fact that every block was specially designed by fellow Canadian quilters, many of them my real-life friends.

YRQG: Do you offer any bonuses or special content to your blog subscribers? If yes, do you partner with any other bloggers or retail outlets to offer those bonuses to readers or to increase the reach of your blog?

KH: I have a few online quilt shops that partner with me at Poppyprint (including your neighbourhood shop Fabric Spark!) and from time to time they support giveaways and specials. Because blog traffic has slowed so much, I tend to run these on IG now (but still allow entries on the blog for those who haven’t yet embraced Instagram!). I decided to slow down on accepting sponsorships from manufacturers and shops because my available time for creating projects specifically with their fabric or notions became very limited. I also find it difficult to create with prescribed fabric choices….for me shopping my stash for the perfect pattern and colour combinations is a favourite part of the process.

YRQG: Do you have a retail shop for visitors to your blog / shop?

KH: I sell my .pdf patterns on Craftsy (https://www.craftsy.com/search?query=poppyprint%20patterns)

YRQG: What is unique about your blog or your sewing style?

KH: I’d like to think my willingness to try new ideas, colour and substrate combinations and desire to openly share the how’s and why’s of my work are some of the reasons people enjoy Poppyprint. I envy makers who have that immediately recognizable style; I used to long for that “signature style” but I’ve come to realize that to remain engaged, I need to experiment and try out new ideas. I’m also pretty chatty, friendly and a natural story-teller, which I think comes across in my writing and appeals to folks.

YRQG: What bloggers or teachers are you inspired by?

KH: Chawne Kimber, Sherri-Lynn Wood, Jen Kingwell, Anna Graham…although it’s a rare day that I read a blog anymore.

YRQG: Is there a particular style or genre of artwork that inspires you?  

KH: I enjoy bold Scandinavian graphics and block printing from the 60’s, which really translate well into quilting inspiration.

YRQG: Where do you find ideas for your content? 

KH: Travel, workshops that I teach, my sewing room! I don’t keep a blogging schedule any more, so content is self-generated. I enjoy the freedom of controlling my own schedule and content, rather than the blog running my life!

YRQG: What is one thing you would change if you were starting over?  Why?

KH: I can’t think of anything, except maybe starting sooner? The personal and business connections I’ve made through blogging have really enriched my life and provided countless opportunities. I have some very special friends around the world, many of whom I’ve met in real life, either at QuiltCon, or retreats, or when I’ve traveled to teach, which is incredibly exciting!

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