Meeting Program

2022-2023 PROGRAM

September 14, 2022 (In Person) -  Helen Garland - Trunk Show and Checkerboard 5 Talk

Members might recognize Helen's name as she is a recent former member of our Guild. For those unfamiliar with Helen:

“I started quilting about 20 years ago. I love the process of combining print fabrics and using colour. After becoming enthralled by the complex design method developed and pioneered by Ruth McDowell in her book Piecing: Expanding the Basics, I had the good fortune to take a workshop with her about 12 years ago. Since then, I have employed her process to create representative quilts of flowers and landscapes. I have also explored the more spontaneous quilt development process of Gwen Marston and dabbled in Modern Quilt design. Occasionally I combine the various methods I am now familiar with when creating quilts. I have exhibited quilts at 2 Fibrations shows in Burlington and at the Canadian Quilters' Association.

October 12, 2022 (In Person) - Christina De Miranda - Trunk Show, Thru-Quilting: My Journey Thru Modern Quilting

This trunk show will showcase quilts designed by Cristina De Miranda of Ships & Violins. The journey begins with a look at her improvised patchwork pillow covers inspired by a thru-hike of the East Coast Trail, and continues through her designs as a burgeoning modern quilt pattern designer. The show will include details about her inspiration, her approach to design, and how pursuing a creative business is not so different from a long walk in the woods. 

November 9, 2022 (In Person) - Olesya Lebedenko - Trunk Show, Folk Heritage in Modern Way Demo Lecture

Olesya Lebedenko, is an Ukrainian artist living and creating in Canada. Fabric and threads are her way to draw her world. It’s a freedom to mix colors with texture and add tiny touches to bring life to the character. 

Olesya is a teacher, designer, quilter, book author, magazine contributor, doll maker, and the founder and owner of Olesya Lebedenko Design brand. Her tutorials and designs have been featured in Canadian, USA and Ukrainian publications. She has written dozens of tutorials, articles, and led hundreds of workshops in Europe and Canada. Since the pandemic started Olesya has switched a lot of my classes to a virtual format. 

A BERNINA Canada Ambassador, professional member of the Canadian Quilters’ Association and the International Quilt Association, we welcome Olesya to our November meeting. 

December 14, 2022 (In Person) - Tea and Treats with Member Booths

June 14, 2023


2021-2022 PROGRAM

Wednesday November 10th  2021 Helen Godden from Canberra, Australia Presents Top 10 Art Quilt Techniques.  Helen says "grab a cuppa tea as I share my favorite techniques that I use to create my art quilts. I discuss painting with acrylic on fabric, my easy ways to paint with dye & salt, and my "secret squirrel" technique of painting with bleach. I share how I designed the yarn couching foot and how I physically manage my current passion to quilt BIG! I probably share too much including my shoe size!” 

Wednesday December 8th 2021Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto presents Jenni Smith - We continue to travel this month and Zoom meet with Jenni from Ilkley, UK. Jenni is a UK-based pattern designer and author of the book Quilting with Liberty Fabrics. Jenni was featured in the Summer 2021 issue of Canadian Quilter, has a Toronto connection and seriously, who doesn’t love Liberty fabrics?

Wednesday January 12th 2022  –  For our January meeting we climb, via Zoom, to Gilpin County, Colorado, northwest of Denver, where our January guest speaker lives at 9,200 feet in the Rocky Mountains. Dana E. Jones, artist, quiltmaker and journalist, is author of Pagtinabangay: The Quilts and Quiltmakers of Caohagan Island, which shares the story of quiltmaking on a 13-acre island in the central Philippines. Dana is a former editor of Quilters Newsletter magazine and the Studio Art Quilt Associates Journal. She has had articles and/or pattern and block designs published in these magazines as well as in The Quilt Life, Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting, McCall’s Quilting, Quiltmaker, Quilts With Style and Quick Quilts.

Wednesday February 9th 2022  - Jen Kingwell – We are delighted to have Jen join us from Torquay, Australia! Jen delivers her renowned signature style quilts blending traditional blocks with a modern twist to us live via Zoom. This presentation is a 1.5-hour trunk show where Jen chats to us about her quilts as they are held up for us to see in real trunk show style. Included is a quick tour of Jen’s Amitie Textiles store and a Q&A! ** SOLD OUT!!

Wednesday March 9th 2022  - Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto presents Elizabeth DeCroos - Pojagi - from Ancient Korea to Modern Canada - You may ask what is Pojagi? From the Cambridge area, Elizabeth is a Canadian designer and teacher who works with quilting, pojagi, embroidery and sewing and will be able to answer your question with her presentation. 

Wednesday April 13th 2022 Yorkshire Rose Quilters’ Guild of Toronto presents Marilyn Farquhar - Trunk Show - From Heidelburg, Ontario, Marilyn is often motivated by spirited challenges from her family, Marilyn’s quilts are whimsical, thoughtful and unique. A true art quilter, she ensures her quilting is integrated into the personality of the quilt, not simply layered on the surface. She eagerly departs from traditional techniques, pushing the boundaries of conventional quilting.

Wednesday May 11th 2022 Kim Lapacek: Challenge Quilt Talk
Through the years, many of Kim’s quilts have been inspired by challenges which helped tease out her true quilting style – an “oddly beautiful” display of color, motion, and texture. You will hear how she takes in a challenge, "dreams" about it for inspiration and comes up with a final quilt that is completely outside the square of normalcy. Sit back and enjoy as you see her award-winning quilts and hear the history behind them.

Wednesday June 8th 2022 - Annual General Meeting - for Guild Members Only.

2020-2021 PROGRAM

June 9—Karen Brown of Just Get it Done Quilts will present her lecture Be The Best Quilter You Can Be! This will be followed by our AGM which only Guild Members may attend.

May 12– Bethany Garner – My Journey to Art Quilts – Bethany is a contemporary quilter, Restoration Specialist, Quilt Conservator who enjoys sharing time as an instructor in the Tex-tile Design Program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario.

April 14 – Shirley Dawson – From There to Here – Follow along with us as Shirley provides a timeline of her quilting journey with a focus on stories behind her quilts during this trunk show. Quilting has been an extension of what is happening in her life at that juncture. So, each one has a specific place in her journey

March 10 – Debbie and Shelly, owners of the East Coast Quilt Co. in St. John’s, Newfound-land and Labrador will be our presenters. They will provide insight as to how their store came to be, insights on new East Coast trends, what it is like to run a business on an island. Per-haps a virtual tour will ensue!

February 10 – Christina Thomas – Blending Quilting and Fibre Art – a trunk show of her 23 year journey

January 13 – Sue Sherman – A Quilting Journey of a Renaissance Woman – Sue’s travel to places with lots of history, iconic vistas and interesting wildlife are reflected in her quilts and their stories.

December 9 – Sandy Lindal of Scrappy Gal Quilt Co. - Sandy has had a life-long interest in needle and thread and found her passion when she discovered quilting. She is a long arm quilter, teacher and quilt designer born with a needle in her hands. Join us for her virtual presentation "Confessions of a Scrapaholic" – a lighthearted journey of quilting with friends and collecting a stash!

November 11 – Peter Byrne – Peter is an award-winning modern quilter and teacher. He will share his fresh approach to quilt construction and de-sign this evening during a trunk show and lecture called “Behind the Seams with Peter Byrne”.

October 14 – Sew Smart – The Ergonomics of Healthy Quilting – Rose Parr joins us this evening to help us all discover ergonomic strategies to stay healthy, happy, and pain-free while cutting, press-ing, and sewing!

September 9 - Virtual Annual Meeting, President’s Challenge and Show & Share for all 2019-2020 members

2019-2020 PROGRAM

September 11 - Judy Pearce – using technology in quilt design and trunk show

October 9 – Doris Lovadina-Lee – Trunk Show and Lecture – journey from traditional quilter to art quilter and fabric dyer

November 13 – Kathy Wylie – the Time of Our Lives

December 11 – Holiday celebration; show and share your holiday quilts and crafts

January 8 – Laura Henneberry – PreQuilt Demo and Mini Trunk Show

February 12 – Show and share of members favourite quilt gadgets

March 11 - Bill Stearman – Backpack Trunk Show

program 2018-2019

SEPTEMBER 9 – Karen Howes

OCTOBER 10 –  Ruby Pearl from Twisted Sisters

NOVEMBER 14 –  Suzanne Neilson – quilting in Japan

DECEMBER 12 –  Jeannie Jenkins - Quilting in All Directions – From Traditional to Modern 

JANUARY 9 –  Laura Coia from SewVeryEasy blog on quilting, sewing and crafting


MARCH 13 – Valerie Miller. Quilter and pattern designer

APRIL 10 – Alice Olsen Williams. Anishinaabe quilter and teacher. Was artist in residence at Trent University.

MAY 8 - KAYAJOY DESIGNS.Tamara Kate Fabric designer for Michael Miller, quilter, pattern designer


Program 2017-2018

September 13 Guild Program
Daryl Aitken from Fabric Spark will provide a glimpse into the latest fabric collections and trends and observations from the 2017 Spring Quilt Market and Trade Show held in St. Louis last May. She will share some fabric and will be happy to answer any questions you have about what really happens at a quilt market and trade show. Check out Daryl’s Instagram page for more inspiration.

October 11
Alizon Sharun will share with us the Canada 150 challenge and show that she co-curated. The Perth County Tartan was created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada. The shades of GREEN represent the strong agricultural presence in Perth County. BLUE represents the many rivers and creeks flowing through the fertile farmland. RED is for the blood sacrificed by the early settlers and veterans who gave their lives so that we could prosper and GOLD signifies the industrious nature of the people of Perth County. “Quilt Squared” is an exhibition of One Foot Square quilt & fibre art pieces based on the colours or what they represent in the Perth County Tartan.

November 8
Johanna Masko – patternmaker, designer and instructor Johanna Masko’s presentation: Blocks Unblocked – Deconstructing Sampler Quilts. Seduced by the challenge of an enormous sampler quilt with 111 little 6" blocks, Johanna started with Block 1 of Laurie Aaron Hird's "Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt" and didn't stop until she had completed them all. Others had been framing their estimated completion time in terms of how many years it might take to finish them; Johanna finished her blocks in just 30 sewing sessions. Her secret? Setting aside the 106 templates provided with the book and working with Quilt Math and every construction shortcut she knew.

In "Blocks Unlocked," Johanna shares her methods for breaking down traditional blocks into simple units, and shows us the underlying grid structure that form the foundation for most geometric blocks. She will also give tips for working with small-scale patchwork and ideas for streamlining our piecing, whatever the project might be. She has two blogs: Seams Likely and Johanna Masko Quilts.

December 13
Festive Market – We'll hold our wildly popular Festive Market on December 13. If you're interested in selling some of your own wares - quilty things, knitted items, other handmade goods including jams, jellies, baked good, etc. please contact Karen Gregory.

January 10
Award-winning quilter Roxanna Kantarjian has spent the past few years learning from American quilter Nancy Crow. Roxanna will introduce members to Crow and talk about what it is like to work with her. She will show quilts from her first class with Nancy and then those showing the process and her progress into an artist up to tod 2016-2017:

Program 2016 - 2017
September 14
Brenda Miller of Among Brenda’s Quilts is coming to speak with us about “Developing the Designer in You”. You can see some of her design creations on her website at

October 12
Elaine Theriault is coming to speak to us about scrap quilts. Elaine, who works for Northcott, is a quilter, teacher, blogger and avid cyclist. Her presentation will provide a new and exciting look into the “old art” of scrap quilts. In addition to a trunk show with different styles of scrap quilts, Elaine will share some ideas for storing fabric, especially scraps.

November 9
We continue our exploration of design continues with a presentation by Mary Elizabeth Kinch entitled “Where Do Your Ideas Come From?” Mary Elizabeth loves to guide people to tap into their creative abilities.


January 11-

February 8 - 

March 8
Joni Newman of Quirks & Quilts will be speaking. She is a quilter and designer.

March 18
3rd Annual Worldwide Quilting Day

April 12
To Be Announced

May 10
To Be Announced

June 14—Annual General Meeting/Pot Luck